DeMarreo Ewing
DeMarreo Ewing # R57652
Hill Correctional Center
P O Box 1700
Galesburg   IL   61402   USA
Stop searching! I’m here! Honestly, I really wasn’t going to try searching for someone through a pen pal site until I read about the D.C. sniper who’s serving a life sentence, had found a wife. And I’ve noticed that there’s someone for everyone. My name is DeMarreo. It’s spelled wrong here. As of right now I am in touch with someone who I’m ending it with because we’ve outgrown each other. I obtain educational/information books and mags and self-educate myself daily while I’m currently in school. I’ve written two books thus far. I push myself to become knowlegable about any and everything possible. I try to innovate on whatever that could be done from the inside to lead to success until I could do so outside.

I’m currently in court now on appeal to turn my sentence around. Whether it turns out to be friendship or a real relationship, that I gain out of this, I don’t discriminate; nor does it matter where you are located. A pretty woman has always been attractive to me regardless. I’ve been in countless relationships in the past and to be honest, when I look back, I realize it kind’ve worked out best with the pretty faced gay-esque girls who wants to have their cake and eat it. And also with the bbw’s. Maybe I wasn’t fully mature enough to analyze or appreciate my situation in the past. It’s funny how men weigh out how serious things are after what we once had is gone and we end up in odd situations. I can admit that I’m remorseful of the past me. But I’ve been searching for you. And there’s a lot more that has to be discussed. So as I said, stop searching.

Ad Start: 08-19-21
Ad Expiration:  08-19-22
African American
Attempted Murder
Release Date