Joshua Hoskins
Joshua Hoskins # R54570
Dixon Correctional Center
2600 N Brinton
Dixon   IL   61021   USA
I love to exercise, socialize, mingle, staying busy, nothing could distract me when I’m in motion physically. Don’t believe in using words if it ain’t in a dictionary, because I mean what I say, there meaning  there should be a reaction to every action.  I do research before I partake and accept anything. I look for what’s good and beneficial to me a genuine individual is who I am.  I’m a loyal, trustworthy, loving person who trust people how they trust me.  I’m not a self-person,  I’m an individual seeking companionship I'm a caretaker who is not comfortable with seeing my love ones down, because it makes me down, where I always pick my loved ones up.  Ones who I don’t know, I always stop and ask if they mind me picking them up when I see them down.  I went through a lot coming up as a kid.  I realized my life, mine is a terrible thing to waste.  I realized that it was the rehabilitation that I needed.  I’m not a self-person,  I like watching action figure movies, love the love and hip hop topics and shows.  I’m my own person who will never allow anyone to encourage me to be who they are.  I always have something to offer.  I believe in investing in myself.  Have to be professional in whatever I do, no matter what the activity I’m in physically, don’t stop until I know I proved who I am professionally always.  Don’t go in places where I’m not invited, don’t clump myself in anybody’s group.  I believe in social distancing to an extent.  I’m always willing to assist mentally, physically, financially.  I like psychology, litigating, keeping a healthy looking appearance, clean cut shaped body, love listening to silk meeting in bedroom.

Ad Start: 09-16-21
Ad Expiration:  09-16-22
Legal Help
African American
Attempted Murder
Release Date