Arturo Bentazos
Hello everyone.

If you're reading this right now you may be feeling like I was when I wrote this thoughts. I wouldn't quite describe it as lonely, it's more of a feeling of curiosity mixed with a hint of optimism. I'm curious to know if there's a woman or women out there who are willing to become a part of the life of someone who society has written off. Curious to know if there's some women who feels as I feel who knows that I am not my crime, but I am also a victim of this crime. I'm optimistic that there is some woman who understands why I say that. I refuse to let one terrible day December 17, 2002 out of the 16 years I was alive on this earth at the time this crime was committed to define who I am as a person.

Being the product of a society that glorifies violence coupled with the fact of  being unconscious of the detriment this environment has on a young mind. Is the perfect recipe for the disaster of a young life. Now after years of negativity I've realized that I was indeed lost on this journey we call life. And now I stand as a man. I'm not speaking as if there's still no work to be done within myself. Because at the end of the day we are all a work in progress.

I hope after reading this thought those of you who are like-minded thinkers or who is looking for an intelligent nonjudgmental soul to correspond with. In Spanish or English because I'm willing to go the distance to communicate with other women around the world and start a friendship with because I could learn so much from them.

Thank you for your time.

Arturo Bentazos
Arturo Bentazos # R44683
Statesville Correctional Center
P O Box 112 
Joliet, IL 60434 USA
Spiritual Person
Release Date
Ad Start: 07-19-18
Ad Expiration:07-19-20