Kristian Fredrickson
Greetings, my name's  Kris, and if I may have a moment of your time I'd like to tell you about myself.

I'm a non-smoker, practice yoga, enjoy playing sports rather than watching, and I'm very anti-drug.

Previously to being incarcerated I enjoyed being outdoors (hiking, camping, bike riding). In high school I ran track (400m - and 1600m relay). Was a Boy Scout, participated in Junior achievement (top salesperson each year), and graduated honor roll in 1995.
Additionally, I was fortunate enough to be part of a student ambassador program that allowed me to tour the East Coast of Australia. I've also visited Germany, Sweden, and Liechtenstein.

I enjoy drawing and writing stories (primary fantasy or sci-fi). My favorite authors are R.A. Salvatore, Margaret Weis, and Tracy Hickman.
Favorite TV shows: Walking Dead, Elementary, Flash, Arrow, and any and all anime.
Favorite movies: Star Wars episode four through six, Tank Girl, Fifth Element, Conan the Barbarian, and most of all the Marvel films.
My musical interests cover many generas, but mostly residing in classic and modern rock. Some of my favorite artists are Ozzy, "Weird' Al Yankovic, Rancid, and Queen.

While drawling I enjoy listening to music that mimics the mood or style piece I'm working on. I'm also an avid fan of Asian cinema and manga. I have been since I was young. The love of the art styles and stories fostered a passion for the people and cultures of Asia. Some of my favorites manga titles are Inuyasha, Negima!, Rarma 1/2 Love Hina, and Tenjo Tenge.

I thank you for taking the time to read my ad. It's greatly appreciated. I hope to hear from some of you. Until then, be well and may good fortune be with you.

Kristian Fredrickson  # R-34595
Menard Correctional Center
P O Box 1000
Menard, IL 62259 USA
Women, Men
1st ° Murder Via Accountability
Ad Start: 08-11-16
Ad Expiration:08-11-18