Antwone Creator
Antwone Creator # R-32499
Big Muddy River Corr Center
251 N IL Hwy 37
Ina   IL   62846   USA
How you doing out there?  I’m Antwone, I know times right now are very stressful but I’m hoping I can help buy bringing some happiness and a smile to your day.  Let’s get to know each other.  I’m an older guy, but with a young soul and a young look love to spend time with my lady making sure she feels like the Queen she is and making sure she knows she’s the only 1 Queen in my life.  Tell me something, how would you want your man to treat you?  I’m in here for a drug delivery but that’s not who I am no more. I have changed a lot in looking for a better life.  I have several certificates while being here construction, food, and sanitations certificates and pursuing a welding certificate also have GED and some college ICC and Hartland Community.  Just a lil info to let you know where my heads at.   Also, my release date is 10-04-24 with 3 years parole for you late 30’s woman out there, don’t be afraid of a lil seasoned guy, lol. So you and I let’s get to know each other, see if we can get a connection.  Let me be that special person in your life, until then I hope to hear from you soon.  Also my release date is subject to be adjusted at any time thru good time contracts so it may be sooner at any time.
African American
Delivery of Controll Substance
Release Date
Adjusted Release Date 010/04/2024
Ad Start: 01-14-21
Ad Expiration:  01-14-21