Scott Hiatt
Hello world! 

It's me, the person you've been looking for, the friend you've always needed. I'll keep it real, and be honest with you, I like to keep things fun and interesting. However, I'm not a selfish man, I am very interested to learn everything about you that will strengthen our bond, and help our friendship grow.

I like confidence and outgoing personalities. I'm very open and upfront love diversity, the more different the better.

I find everything about the female body and mind fascinating and beautiful! I also am very serious about my education and currently working on an Associates degree. Although, I don't have a long time left to serve, I am looking for someone that will be a positive influence for me, because I am trying to move forward with my life and make changes for the better.

Very curious to learn about all cultures, so don't be afraid to open up and be yourself, because I sure won't.

I love comedy and enjoy humor in everything, I try to stay optimistic see the good every situation. Very much into body art  and piercings, though I don't have any piercings, so far. Interested in almost all styles of music and really like reading all types of literature. Really enjoy music festivals and concerts, also have a love of films and movies, especially comedy; although I just discovered how much I like sci-fi.

Love working with my hands building and fixing things. Construction is one passion of mine. I'm hard-working with a strong ethnic. I'm also really into motorcycles and vintage cars, also photography and art.

I'll be here waiting to hear from you, so go ahead and write today, don't be shy. You can't succeed if you never try! So right now
Scott Hiatt # R27184
100 Hillcrest Road
East Moline, IL 61244 USA
Women, Friends
Christian, Studying Buddhism
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