Tyrese Watson
Tyrese Watson # R26305
Danville Correctional Center
3820 East Main Street
Danville   IL   61834   USA
Hello Ladies,
My name is Tyrese but everyone calls me “Reese’ for short, but you can call me whichever you like. I would like to first tell you about myself. I’m 38 very educated African American. I have my associate degree in Liberal Studies & working on my bachelor's degree. I’m a great cook. I have obtained my culinary arts certificate.

I was born & raised on the southside of Chicago, Illinois. I enjoy reading, writing, watching & playing sports, especially basketball.  Loyalty and communication is key to me plus I’m a great listener. I’m looking for a loyal, loving, understanding, god fearing great friend. Friendship will allow us a great chance to get to know each other. Most relationships fail because “we'' get into them for the wrong reasons. Lust, rebounding, finances etc. Friendship before any relationship is key to any successful; relationship. It allows parties to get to know each other things like Do’s & Don'ts, wills & wont’s, likes & dislikes. I plan on using my time to really get to know someone. So that some day or one day we’re ready to step out of the friendzone and expand our relationship it will have stable legs to stand on.

Ladies please understand this when I tell you this. I do not judge or discriminate against anyone big, tall, little, small or race does not matter to me. The only thing that is important to me is your heart & mind being in the right place. I hope you like the pictures I provided and I hope you love chocolate because this dark chocolate not only melts in your mouth but also in your hands. I’m 5’0 180 lbs. Solid. Short haircut with waves throughout my entire head 360’s. Hopefully soon we can see each other face to face because we’re allowed video & contact visits.

I’m located in Danville, Illinois. You can email/message me by signing up on the app or online at GTL connect network.com using my full name Tyrese Watson-R26305

Ad Start: 08-25-2022
Ad Expiration:  08-25-2023
African American
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