Cornelius P. Laughlin
Cornelius P Laughlin # R21381   
Menard Correcitonal Center
P O Box 1000   
Menard, IL 62259 USA
Hi! My name is Cornelius and I hope everything is at its best with you as you read on.

My intention is to meet someone who has positive energy that I can vibe with. Someone that I can enjoy communicating with on real subjects in life, and listen to you if you feel no one else cares to listen. Maybe I can give you warm comfort of advice if needed and maybe you can give me dear words of encouragement which I will always appreciate.

I know there are strong minded Queens who does not hesitate to express themselves freely that have been through good and bad experiences. I only wish to be that good experience looking forward to engage with you so that I can move beyond my confined world.

I need something to brighten my eyes up that is a meaningful purpose which is your existence. A need to break away from this dullness environment, and who knows? An electrical connection might be possible. However it happens, I will be thankful for the reason to smile and feel even better to see your smile! Therefore if you have the free time to share and wouldn't mind kicking it with me, here I am.

Sincerely with peace,
36 Years Old
Women Only, Legal Help
NGE Student of the Universe
1st Degree Murder
Release Date
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