Joshua Matthews

"There is no limit to what greatness she achieves. But most limit themselves, because the greatness with in ease they do not precieve. When to open the door to greatness, one only needs to believe."
_ A quote of mine

This begins, with the hope that success is where it ends. I'm reaching out to looking for greatness. Making the decision to start my new path. Searching for someone who believes the greatness. Searching for someone who comprehends the power within us all. Searching for someone who aspires to be amazing. I cannot tell you how much I want to reach and connect with someone new who truly understands; words without action is nothing but distraction!!!

Never reached out like this before.  Don't even know if there is a right way to do an "ad". But I'm reaching out through any opportunity possible.

Currently I'm 32 years old, six feet tall, 205 lb. I lift weights, do yoga, and calisthenics. Absolutely superb physical condition. I read and write daily. Don't watch TV. My poetry is breathtaking. My songwriting is elevating. And I'm all real no faking. The history of my life is what movies are made of.

Loyal, loving, honest, charismatic, intelligent, and hilarious. I'm something like the perfect man (LOL) I'm just saying. No adult photos, except prison pictures. Posting some of my youth. I really loved that bear (LOL).

Politically active contemplating strategizing on ways the people, can bring the real people, our teachers, our neighbors, ourselves to position power. Instead of corporate owned politicians. Environmentally aware, concerned about exactly how global warming is going to affect the world we live in. And at the core a humanitarian. Right now closely following the crisis in Palestine and the resistance movement at standing rock South Dakota.

I'm one of the dream chasers. The people who want the most out of life. Someone that wants to live and feel alive. Not just be alive. That's the type of person I'm hoping to find. Because we are the people that will make a difference.

Do you have dreams that you're striving to make realities? Do you want to travel the world and experience different cultures. Are there times when you wish you could just do something to help others?

That's how I feel all day, every day.

I wasn't a saint in society. I was living a life that was going to lead me to prison or the grave one way or another. At 19 I was arrested a murder I did not commit. After almost two straight days of being interrogated without sleep I made a false confession. And even though the evidence  links someone else. I was convicted solely based on a false confession.

That gives me a certain type of mentality in here, you know. It's a different thinking process when you're truly innocent. I never get comfortable. I never stop thinking about the injustice being done. I'll never stop fighting for my freedom. Like one of my role model said "never count me amongst the broken men."

Ironically, this situation saved my life and lead me to understand who I truly am. Right now, in a cage, in Illinois highest level maximum-security prison, where we are not even allowed to have combs or mirrors. Imagine not be able to see yourself or groom yourself. That alone has the potential to break many.

Still I striveā€¦ for Greatnessā€¦ Unbroken.

Seriously, truly, praying to connect with someone anyone! Who wants to strive to do something great with the only lives we have been given.

I strive to exonerate my name, get my wrongful conviction overturned, and secure my release from prison. A great day that will be. I strive to found not-for-profit organizations that will be beacons of light for humanity. Helping people around the world. Great days those will be. I strive to head billion-dollar corporations, that will actually place people before profits.

I strive to find someone who believes we can have something great.

This is real, you are real, I am real, and my ambition is real. No delusions. I have real obtainable goals. Right now the cage I'm in is full of books for the knowledge needed, programs I've structured, and business plans I've drafted.

But I'm trapped in a cage with nothing and nobody I can count on. I'm asking for help. I need a friend I can count on in my life. And be in someone's life who is counting on me.

And that's why I'm reaching out. Because if I can connect with someone who believes in greatness like I do. There is no limit for us.

So if this message sparked your interest and sounds like something you've been waiting for. Please write to me. In truth, right now, at the moment you are reading this, I'm waiting to hear from you.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Joshua Matthews # R-15976
Pontiac Correctional Institution
P O Box 99
Pontiac, IL 61764 USA
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