Roger Kinnerson
Roger Kinnerson # R04886
Shawnee Correctional Center
6665 State Route 146 East
Vienna   IL   62995   USA
Hey Ladies! How are you? It is a beautiful day today, because beauty is not merely found in the face, it is a light that shines in the heart. My name is Roger, friends call me “Radar”.  I am 5’11”, 270 pounds, brown eyes, brown hair with a touch of silver, who was born in the Magical year of 1974, I’m easy-going, considerate, empathetic who has eclectic interests, love to write, and reads. I’m a good listener, who is down to earth with a lil touch for heaven. Could you be the one to share heaven with me?

I do believe in Christ, yet I’ve an open mind, I’m not judgmental as I’ve traveled and experienced many walks of life. All are welcome. I love to have a good time, to listen to music, it moves the soul, to dance, to dare, to be free. I write poetry (some) and draw.

What interests do you have, things that make you happy?
What are you  looking for, need someone to talk to? I’m your guy…Smile -

Sun, moon, and star(s) shining,
Above the clouds reclining,
Dawns horizon refining,
Much like earths silver linings,
All the fine and grand things reminding.

Ad Start: 10-14-21
Ad Expiration:  10-14-22
Caucasian, Native American (Passamaquoddy-Blackfoot),
Greek, Irish
Believer in Christ
Aggravated Battery
Release Date