Nathaniel Davis
Hello, looking for genuine friendship? If so I'm a breath of fresh air!

Here's my story, get to know me.
I'm Nate, better represented by the beautiful soaring butterfly. From humble beginnings to traversing the heavens. 14 years ago I crawled into prison a blind Caterpillar lost! My instinct led me to turn a new leaf. This cell became my cocoon. My mind was renewed during my transformation. Spiritually wings took the place of legs as it was no longer possible to physically remain same. (Smile), crawling on my belly taught me humility and accountability. I've used every obstacle in my life as an opportunity to grow, which has removed the disguise from my blessings.

Life is beautiful and so unique. My perspective comes from personal experience of crawling into a desert thirsting for change. Now preparing to leave this desert completely different. No longer crawling or thirsting, but soaring. If you're fly or can fly (smile) spread your wings towards a friendship with me. There is a new journey, and adventure in the sky worth discovering. The aerial views are breathtaking, join me today. Let's build, thank you for your time and this positive encounter.

6'3", 225 lbs.
Feel free to share your interest with me, and what you're thankful for in life. I appreciate the things important to those that I'm friends with personally. The zest life is filled with great vibes and positive energy.

Be peaceful!
Nathaniel Davis  # R01838
Jacksonville Correctional Center
2268  E Morton Avenue 
Jacksonville, IL 62650 USA
African American
Release Date
Ad Start: 06-21-18
Ad Expiration:06-21-19