Nobody loves me! Lonely Pennsylvania Prisoner needs a serious committed relationship. I acquire your Time, mind and heart.

I’m 5’6”, shaved head, 165 lbs., natural muscular build, 7 tattoos. I need my ride or die to write letters.

Send photos and do video visits. I love skin, face, breasts, booty and feet so please send photos. No sneakers, just dress super sexy, make-up (eye liner, eyeshadow and lipstick). Painted pretty toes (Black, red of french tips) both feet, ankle to toes only finger nails painted too. Can’t do it, don’t reply!

Send photos 25 max only, to from phone they will send to me, put my address and pay shipping.

My case is in appeals court, great chance conviction being dismissed or time reduced. July makes two years in Jail.

I make 24 cents an hr. I can’t afford to buy a television for my cell so your correspondence will be my entertainment. If you give us a chance and work out I will worship and pamper you, Queen. Wonder Woman save me. I need your Love and Support. Size or Race definitely don’t matter!


James Browning # QK5410
SCI Chester
Smart Communications PA DOC

P O Box 33028
St Petersburg   FL   33733   USA
James Browning
African American
Drug Manufacturing, Sale, Deliver, PWID
Release Date
Ad Start:  06-23-2022
Ad Expiration:  06-23-2023
Basic Ad