Ciron Springfield
Ciron Springfield # P70044
CMF Vacaville
P O Box 2000
Vacaville   CA   95696   USA
First off I would like to say “All things are not only possible but probable with faith…” Now, I write with a mindset of hope and a heart full of faith, hopeful to meet people that are positive and ambitious to explore happiness and prosperity… Those who aspire to capture prosperity and seize happiness will be able to relate to my spirit, when I disclose the facts of my life….

1). I'm real and sincere with a loyal character that allows me to stay true and faithful to whatever cause, purpose, belief or person I avow my love too;
2). I'm single and I've never been married or involved in a serious relationship;
3). I don't have kids or bad credit;
4). I've been incarcerated since 1998 and I'm scheduled to be paroled;
5). I'm enrolled in college and I attained my GED and various certificates;
6). I'm a poet and published author;
7). I enjoy movies and comedy shows because I believe life should be fun and carefree based on the fact, pain and failure is a constant;
8). I'm immune to past events that caused me grief, because I know forgiveness is the only way a person can learn how to forgive themselves….

In short these are some of the facts that illustrate the character of my heart so please reveal some of the character traits that represent your heart by contacting me… I'm waiting…..

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African American
Murder, Robbery
Release Date
Serving A Life Sentence