Melvin Marruffo # P65579
C C I - Tehachapi 4B-3C-205
P O Box 1906
Tehachapi   CA   93581   USA
Melvin Marruffo
Hey everyone.  How’s it going?  I hope you are all doing well with good health in these troubled times.  I appreciate you all for reading my profile.

So, les let’s get to it, shall we? My name is Melvin Marruffo, born 2/14/81, Aquarius, stand 5’11, 230 pounds, I am residing in Tehachapi State Prison, the prison is ugly but the scenery outside the prison is nice, call that beautiful Chaos, here goes a photo so you know how I look.  I know I have many tattoos and might look a certain way.  But you know the old saying:  never judge a book by its cover, I think I’m a good read, check me out.  I’ve made bad choices, but am a good person at heart.  I’m very respectful, considerate, kind and regardless of my situation try and have a good outlook on life, speaking of, I am serving a life sentence.  I have only been incarcerated 4 yrs now, but who’s counting.  I am optimistic though maybe there’s a silver lining to this.  There’s a lot to my story and would like to share it and hear others as well.

I am seeking friendship, someone with good conversation, positive energy.   I have a question for the ones that may be reading this!  What is it that you’re looking for?  I think I could be a good pen pal.  I can carry conversation well, any questions you may have feel free to ask and I’ll ease the curiosity.  So what I do in here to keep that time passing, I write poems, read non-fiction books, play chess, and draw.  I am including a drawing I did so you may see the art skill, what do you think?  I can draw pretty much anything.  I plan on taking some classes they have in here, to earn some certificates.

So with that, I want to say thank you for your time and have a good day.
Melvin Marruffo

Native American, Hispanic
Serving A Life Sentence
Without Parole
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