Richard Trafficano
Hello I'm really glad that you have found me.

Let's not waste anymore time; if you want to get mail all the time and know that someone is waiting to read your letter you've found that man! I want to talk about everything. Conversations about the world. What are your interest? Do you travel, where is your favorite place? I'd like to have some intelligent conversations. Okay if you have got this far and still are reading, please continue.

More than anything else, I'm tired of being alone. I have never been married, however at some point in the future it's part of my plan. I don't have any children, yet. I have around six years of incarceration left, may be a little sooner. In the meantime, let's write.

I am looking for someone to write love letters, romantic poems, and send sweet cards. If you are still reading and in your heart it feels right let's not play games. If you're looking for someone who is kind, generous, and has integrity will don't waste a single second more.

I believe in good food, and honesty goes a long way. In no way do I mean to be conceited, all I want is to be happy.

I'm waiting for your letter and have so much to tell you. My mother taught me to be a good man you always treat a lady with respect, take care of family, don't cheat in don't lie. Live life to the fullest. It may seem like the circumstances are out of date. Hey it's still a neat cute story with a chance of future laughter.

Have a Great Day! God Bless
Richard Trafficano # P46115
Calpatria State Prison D1-133
P O Box 5007
Calipatria, CA 92233 USA
Robbery 211
Release Date
Ad Start: 02-15-18
Ad Expiration:02-15-19