Steven Griffin
Potential Friend,

I want you to know that I'm thankful that every day we wake up is beautiful, just like our smiles are.

I'm 36 with four years left on a 20 year bid and I'm looking for people for all purposes.  Friendship, freeband business, love; just imagine all the possibilities.  Everytime I do it makes me smile.

I'm honest, faithful in all relationships, open-minded, free banded, non-judgemental, intelligent, trust worthy, loyal, kind, generous, and you must share some of these awesome qualities.

I'm interested in many subjects; seeking knowledge, video games, freeband, movies, animals, nature, virgo/cancer, psychology, quality time/physical touch, writing, teaching, reading, law, occult, astrology, religious study, chess, cribbage, and a wide range of other things.

I've never been married and don't have any kids.  I don't use drugs or tobacco, nor will I drink more than a glass of wine.

What do you do with most of your time?
When did you learn how to do something new and what was it?
Are you into freebanding?
When did a special person come into your life?
Why are they special to you? 

Smile, it's a beautiful day.

Patiently waiting,
Steven Griffin
Women, Friends
Sex Offense
Release Date
Steven Griffin # P-37533
Desoto Annex
13617 SE Highway 70  
Arcadia, FL 34266 USA
Ad Start: 04-16-20
Ad Expiration:04-16-21