Eddie Padilla
Dear reader. 

I appreciate you taking the time to read this special request that I placed on this website and hopefully after you have read this maybe you will decide to write to me :)

I am looking for a pen pal a down to earth woman with a good heart and a fun personality, someone that enjoys writing and just getting to know someone for good conversation. As for me I am an easy-going person and I think that after to write you will see that

As for the reason that I am in here, it's for robbery so no need to worry I'm safe I just want to meet and write to someone as you can see I don't get out too much so I'm depending on this ad :)

Well listen I hope that I've caught your attention and that you would like to write. As for nationality I welcome all letters with a smile, and that would put a big smile on this prisoners face, so don't be shy I will return your letter with a letter and perhaps a pretty smile on your face as I know to receive one will make my day.

So with that said I will close this introduction and wait and see what the mail brings to me.

P.S. I can receive emails through Jpay media.com download apt to phone or computer for info and cost of email stamp $ .35

Eddie Padilla # P 14936
SAT F D-3-224
P O Box 5242
Corcoran, CA 93212-7100 USA
Mexican American
211 Robbery
Release Date
3 Striker Lifer Soon
Ad Start: 11-02-17
Ad Expiration:11-02-18