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Jimmy Flores
Hello, it’s nice of you to stop by. I bid you a good day.  I would respectfully like to begin by simply saying the following, if you are attracted to the photos on my page and like what you see aesthetically then I am positive you will appreciate what’s going on where it really matters, on the inside.

I have never, nor will I ever let my surroundings and circumstances define me.   They can place walls, fences, chains, and locks around me, but I refuse to allow them to put my mind, heart and soul in a box. My spirit remains free.  I nurture it with my faith in God, through my studies and hard work to be as best a human being as possible.  No matter where I’m at.

This endeavor pertains to every aspect of my life.  I’ve taken the negative and everything that goes with it, all the pain, loss, and suffering and turned it to a positive.  All of these things have molded me into the best version of myself.  I’m far from perfect but the goal is always to be dissatisfied and strive to be better.

The reason I give you to take a chance on me is the following, I have formed the opinion that now a days most men take women for granted out in society.  They truly don’t appreciate, respect and value the worth of a good woman.  They don’t treasure the space that a woman allots to them, both in heart and mind.

In my case, I understand what it’s like to have it all and lose it.  It was impactful beyond what most can fathom.  So, I would never do anything to waste your time, your effort, and whatever affection you would bless me with.  I’d offer my friendship with the utmost respect.  A genuine connection founded on honesty, loyalty, and understanding.

With business covered, let’s get into some pleasure.  My  favorite.  I have read and studied history from across the globe.  I’m fascinated with differences in culture all over the world I would actually enjoy getting to know someone in another country.  I’m fluent in Spanish, considering most of the planet is also.  I hope someone drops me a line.

My other passion would be astronomy.  That’s the sweet spot.  Carl Sagan is my favorite professor to the universe. I also am into sports, avidly.  I dabble in some drawing and painting and don’t do much of anything without music.  I like several genres of music depending on the mood and activity.
I’m easy going overall.  I will tickle your funny bone if that’s what you need at the time or stimulate the brain.  I won’t just say the sky is blue, I’ll tell you why it’s blue.  All you need to do is get in the car.  I’ll do the rest.  We can’t start this voyage until you are sitting shotgun.  I will wait impatiently.  I hope you have a good rest of the day.  Bye

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