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My name is Abdu Rivera.

On January 18th 2019 I was wrongfully convicted of first-degree murder for a crime that occurred back in 2003 which I did not commit, nor did I have any knowledge of. After a four-day waiver trial I was convicted based on hearsay testimony given by four different convicted felons who were seeking leniency with their own open court matters. These four Commonwealth witnesses went on to testify that I confessed to committing this crime, but each and every one of them had different accounts of the events and how I allegedly confessed to carrying out this crime. Their false testimonies were incontradiction with the physical facts of the evidence of how this crime was in fact committed.

I have been one of many individuals who has been wrongfully convicted due to the miscarriage of justice that has been occurring in the city of Philadelphia's judicial system. I am currently seeking the help of a paralegal or private investigator who would be willing to help me obtain information that was withheld and also questioning witnesses who were not located during my trial.

Thank you for reading and please share this story.

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