Keith Reinecker

My name is Keith. Obviously if you're reading this bio, you're already aware that I'm incarcerated. My tentative release date is November 7, 2024 pending parole's approval of course.

Commissary, mail, and visits are three tangible things in prison inmates look forward to (or even rely on), for sanity, stability, normalcy, and peace of mind. What may seem minor to the average person, can actually be a necessary means of survival for someone doing time. They are privileges to us and without them can be extremely stressful.

I've been trained by the Marine Corps how to handle situations under extreme pressure. Although this isn't the military, it has similarities and I've applied some characteristics to help me adapt to my environment. My time locked up (thus far), has taught me humility, the value of freedom, and the importance of family. Regardless of my mistakes, it's comforting to know I still  can rely on my mother as my most non-judgmental supporter.

My background and experiences in life has created the man I am today. I realize it's not the errors in judgment that depict my character as a person, it's recognizing my flaws and the corrective action I'm taking to adjust old behaviors that defines me.

I invite anyone that's interested to write me. I WILL write back. Please don't hesitate to ask anything you'd like to know about me. I will answer any questions you may have with the upmost integrity. I anticipate the same respect in return.

Thank you for reading.

Keith Reinecker # NN-3751
Smart Communications/PA DOC
SCI- Houtzdale
P O Box 33028  
St. Petersburg, FL33733 USA
Caucasian, Hispanic
Release Date
Ad Start: 04-02-20
Ad Expiration:04-02-21