Julian Colbert

Hello, my name is Juian Colbert.

I'm 25 years young. My birthday falls on the 27th day of September, I'll be 26 this upcoming September. I am a Libra. I have 3 baby girls, ages 3-6. I have two baby mothers, but I'm not with either one of them.

I am serving a sentence for 3 separate cases. Aggravated assault, robbery, and attempted homicide. My mandatory minimum is July 28th 2032. I have 13 years left on a 15 year sentence. I was born and raised in Allentown, PA. My application doesn't have the exact nationalities that put me be together, I'm very mixed. I'm African-American, White, Korean, and Filipino. My dad is African-American and Filipino. My mom is white and Korean. I'm not the tallest guy but not the shortest either, I'm 5'11".

I love tattoos and have them covering a majority of my body. My favorite color is green. My favorite romantic movie is "The Notebook". My favorite action movies would have to be the "Marvel Studios"movies. I am a comic book fanatic. I don't have a favorite horror movie because I enjoy a majority of them. My favorite comedy movies are any with Kevin Hart, Will Smith, and Kevin James.

When I was home I enjoyed being around my family. I was raised in a very family oriented household, so I tried passing that down to my children. When I'm not being a dad I enjoy bar settings and club vibes. I love dancing and music. And if I'm not at the bar on my downtime, I'm home binge watching movies. For work I was either doing construction work and if that was slow I was doing warehouse work. I'm certified to operate all warehouse machines. When I get out I'd like to invest into a few small businesses and real estate. I'd like to open up a day care and start a small contracting business. That's why I'm taking advantage of all the trades they have to offer in prison.

I did my best to cover the basics about myself, so if you'd like to know more please feel free to write

Julian Colbert # NN0433
Smart Communications/PA DOC
P O Box 33028
St. Petersburg, FL33733  USA
African American, Caucasian
aggravated Assault Attempted Homicide Robbery
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