Darriel Jones
Darriel Jones # NB8426
Smart Communications / PA DOC
FCI Forest
P O Box 33028
St Petersburg,  FL   33733   USA
First things first, I am a follower / Disciple of Jesus Christ.  I am realistic, honest, and an open book.  I'm willng to answer any and all questions.  I am looking for  friend who will one day become my wife.  I don't play games, but I love to have fun.  I need a woman who is realistic, honest, and an open book.  I need a lady who can be my everything and wants to be my everything.  I want a lady who I can give compliments to anytime I want to.  I want a lady who can be my Queen and wants me to be her King.  I want a lady who can check me if I need to be checked.

I love to read, listen to music, watch the news, work out, I read my Bible and pray every morning.  I'm a barber and I work in the barber shop.  My walk and my talk match / line up.  I help those around whenever possible. 

I'm from Philly.  My favorite color is blue.  I listen to Oldies, R and B, and Gospel music.   Steak (any kind TBone, NY, sirloin, Cheese Steak) is my favorite food.  I cook meals at home.  I eat healthy.  I use to work as a cook at TGI Friday's, Famous Daves, and when I was 16, I cooked all the chicken at Church's Chicken.  I've been a licensed Barber for 20 years.

I hope I can find a friend who I can make laugh.  I need a shoulder to lean on.  I want to be here for somebody to talk to.  I want a friend and maybe that friend can BE YOU.

Release Date
Ad Start: 01-28-21
Ad Expiration:  01-28-22