Steve Hoffstetter
We All Need A Boost, Know I Do.

Music has always been an up lift to my state of mind.  Background music Allman Brothers song Jessica, its soothing, helps give me a relax feeling.  Now the Sam Roberts Band has a truthful song, We’re All In This Together.  As you can see by the Awards & Certificates, I take the song in my everyday life (keep moving don’t stop). Does one believe the world will charge if we stop?  Myself, I think it changes every day if we want it to or not.

Starting with the IDPH Certificate helping new inmates is a passion.  Peer education is about prevention without giving them the dread of what other inmates think.  New inmates get tested for HIV, Hepatitis, Syphilis and now Covid-19.  Only one inmate in ten years teaching refuse getting tested.

Certificate:  Lifers Inc.
I was a member for around six years.  Department of corrections, DOC disband.  It was a great job, LONG GONE NOW.  Photo of me during a lifer picnic still had a full head of hair, not gray, LONG GONE NOW.  Check also clerk and student, Rend Lake College LONG GONE NOW.

The corona virus and lockdown help me get these awards, diplomas & certificates.  Voice of Prophecy, Amazing Facts, Set Free Ministries plus the kairos weekend before this long lockdown.

My cousin tease me about Sturgis and mailed me a couple postcards, I never had a chance to go.  Photo of me on a motorcycle as a kid, LONG GONE NOW.

I am on facebook and can get messages transferred by just a push of a button.  It’s all new to me. Look me up and be a friend, better yet a pen pal.  If you don’t go to facebook, I can get your e-mail by, Illinois Department of Corrections GTL. <>

This tablet is limited, so I can’t predict how much lag time.  Only I will reply.

May Your Days Be Blessed with South heartedness and Compassion

Steve Hoffstetter # N-77924
Menard Correctional Center
P O Box 1000 
Menard, IL 62259 USA
Home Invasion Murder Armed Robbery
Serving a Life Sentence
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