Steve Hoffstetter
Valued friends,
As I see it on my tablet Newsfeed and TV there's a lot of propaganda running rampid in the media as far as misleading information to gossip for false facts. What's your opinion?
So the band Steely Dan came to mind with the song {The Royal Scam}. I think it fits the bill for background music well. What's your opinion?
I do think there is a strong possibility the short callers in political office take too much medication or who knows drugs? What's your opinion?
My track record answering all incoming {snail mail or gtl} messages is 100%.
I have a Facebook page but with no monitor to work it. NOT SURE but I think my comments about being {Politically Uncorrect} did not go over well. A good old song by Gretchen Wilson. Can we still be friends out there? What's your opinion?
As you have detected the photo of my mom's puppy, he is standing up for me to find a friend.
My state photo looks like a person in need of castor oil or just a workable laxative. No comments needed, thank you.
However the puppy does look humble with a no-nonsense awareness. What’s your opinion?
I have had covid twice {confined envisionment. Once before my 2 shots of NAC, once after. Both times complications were miner. Lots of sleep, runny nose and loss of desire to eat or exercise. I feel good being back in the saddle. Have you had covid?
Do you have any leisure interest? Mine would be this tablet and streaming music. As I write this listening to a long playlist of mostly old rock, it's all good. What’s your opinion?
I want and need to hear anything you have on your mind, the good, them bad or just the middle-of-the-road?
All is well and hope you and everyone you care for is also. Looking forward to hearing from you.
I’m sure somebody out there knows something good. I always reply, quickest on GTL. <>
May we be friends? And a lot more than just the force be with you.
My best, Steve

Steve Hoffstetter # N-77924
Menard Correctional Center
P O Box 1000 
Menard   IL    62259   USA
Home Invasion, Murder, Armed Robbery
Serving a Life Sentence
Ad Start:  03-24-22
Ad Expiration: 03-24-23