Steve Hoffstetter
Photo around 30 years old  ( then ) new DOC photo  (now )

Dear friend,

Sincerely seeking kindly correspondence. My wrongs in life has led to a natural life sentence, along with an open mind for listening. American Standard, in the long run. Also, one learns by their mistakes or poor judgment, in my case it did not happen, could of got worse. How's your judgment been going?

My mental state was expired after getting shot in the back of the head, contributing a lot to my poor judgment. I didn't even know who my mother was coming out of a coma.

I work as a carpenter, clerk in vocational school also a peer educator and receiving, basic healthcare for the new, getting tested for HIV/AIDS, syphilis and hepatitis.

My older brother is the only family left, he visits and helps.

I want to hear how life is treating you? What's on your mind, favorite TV programs? When was the last time you found something funny, anything good? What's on your mind about music? If you had one song (any type of music) to give meaning or feeling what would it be?

Some of the music I like for the words some for instrumental value. Fleetwood Mac Hypnotized-don't stop, Supertramp hide in your shell, simply red holding back the years, late key to the thyme. I have a new MP3 player that is very advanced here and probably out of date in the free world. I would return a reply in a day or shorter. My job has an outlet for sending email through GTL. To start, one needs to log to Illinois Department of corrections. Go to
for info

May you always be blessed, happy and have good fortune.
Steve Hoffstetter # N77924
Menard Correctional Center
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Menard, IL 62259 USA
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