Steve Hoffstetter
We All Need A Boost, Know I Do.

Music has always been an up lift to my state of mind.  Background music Allman Brothers song Jessica, its soothing, helps give me a relax feeling.  Now the Sam Roberts Band has a truthful song, We’re All In This Together.  As you can see by the Awards & Certificates, I take the song in my everyday life (keep moving don’t stop). Does one believe the world will change if we stop?  Myself, I think it changes every day if we want it to or not.

Starting with the IDPH Certificate helping new inmates is a passion.  Peer Education is about prevention without giving them the dread of what other inmates think.  New inmates get tested for HIV, Hepatitis, Syphilis and now Covid-19.  Only one inmate in ten years teaching refuse getting tested.

Certificate:  Lifers Inc.
I was a member for around six years.  Department of corrections, DOC disband.  It was a great job, LONG GONE NOW.  Photo of me during a lifer picnic still had a full head of hair, not gray, LONG GONE NOW.  Also clerk and student, Rend Lake College LONG GONE NOW.

The corona virus and lockdown help me get these awards, diplomas & certificates.  Voice of Prophecy, Amazing Facts, Set Free Ministries plus the kairos weekend before this long lockdown.

My cousin tease me about Sturgis and mailed me a couple postcards, I never had a chance to go.  Photo of me on a motorcycle as a kid, LONG GONE NOW.

I am on facebook and can get messages transferred by just a push of a button.  It’s all new to me. Look me up and be a friend, better yet a pen pal.  If you don’t go to facebook, I can get your e-mail by, Illinois Department of Corrections GTL, also online visits you set up for face to face {15 Mintues Only} <>

This tablet is limited, so I can’t predict how much lag time.  Only I will reply.

May Your Days Be Blessed with Soft Heartedness and Compassion

Steve Hoffstetter # N-77924
Menard Correctional Center
P O Box 1000 
Menard   IL    62259   USA
Home Invasion Murder Armed Robbery
Serving a Life Sentence
Ad Start:  12-24-20
Ad Expiration: 02-24-22