Todd L, Johnson
Todd L Johnson  # N74250   
Danville Correctional Center
3820 E Main Street    
Danville, IL 61834 USA
Greetings  Ms. Potential Lady Friend.

I pray that you and your loved ones are in the very best of God's loving care. Surely this is not a proper introduction but I pray it will suffice. Please bare with me in this rare attempt to seek correspondence and friendship in this form and fashion.

My name is Todd L. Johnson. I'm 6'1", 297 lbs., ripped muscular physique. My family and friends call me "Touche' ". I am a certified personal fitness trainer and licensed nutritionist, who is unfortunately temporarily incarcerated and wrongfully convicted of a crime I didn't commit. I'm currently in the process of proving my innocence in the appeals court, so my release date is certain to change.

I'm a humble, God-fearing, respectful, ambitious, loyal, honest, very energetic, heart spoken, romantic man etc.… Who enjoys reading, music, movies, exercising, writing poems, playing chess, cooking, cleaning, working, traveling, long walks, playing all sports.

Ms. Lady I pray that you don't allow my temporary imprisonment  to define me or influence your decision in allowing us to engage in a true friendship. I'm sincerely seeking a female friend whose beauty lies within, with similar characteristics and interest that are compatible. A sincere woman who truly desires the embrace of a good companion and friend.

I pray that you will hear my expressions and listen to the whispers of your tender heart and give me a chance to prove that I will be worthy of your precious time and friendship. I eagerly anticipate your response.

God bless

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Women, Friends
African Americans, Native American
I'm a Believer
Armed Robbery
Release Date
03/10/31 Certain to Change to Early Release
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