Fernando Zayas
Fernando Zayas  # 0S01823131/1084918
NJSP North 4C- Cell 38
P O Box 861
Trenton, NJ 08625-0861 USA

No need to look any further, as we embark on this journey,set sail on this voyage and adventure, unlocked the secret chambers of the heart, so that will know the height, depth, length and the with of, all that our hearts desire.

I threw now faith consider it done, these words expressed finishing in you that which they have begun, placing thoughts of true friendship towards me forever, deep within your heart indeed, oh how I'll always cherish that, by my every lovable words, actions and deeds for, "inspite our cultural upbringing", a family is what we were created to be, functioning always in perfect unity, like a symphony, completely in harmony, an example of true love towards each other throughout our eternity, having our best interests at heart, the way it was intended from the start, so that our close relationships won't ever fall apart, because of it we'll never go wrong for, we'll know what we're in need of and insure that it be done.

Miss lady, in short words my new brother, sister, true new found friends, I'll always treasure you till the end. Thank you for being to me, the blessing you were created to be, truly yours, till words on paper meet again, hear from you then.

Bless you!
Brotherly & Sisterly Love, True Friendship
Puerto Rican
The House of Yahweh
Natural Life
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