Devin Reed - LEGAL AD
Devin Reed # N-41269
Western Illinois Correctional Facility
2500 Route 99 South
Mt Sterling   IL   62353   USA
My name is Devin Reed, I would first like to start this letter off by saying yes I would also like to find a female pen pal to write to (Race) not important.

Now my reason for this ad is to look for legal help, I’m a wrongfully convicted Mex who is looking for legal help or advice.  I'm not sure how to explain my case in short form.  So here is the jest of it.  In 2008 I was convicted of a murder I did not commit.  In June of (2002) I was picked up by police while parked in a car with a friend of mine.  We were arrested and questioned about a murder.  He was put in one room myself in another the A.S.A. tried to tell me that my friend said that I did it and asked me to give a statement.  I said No and we got into an argument about me saying it wasn’t me.

So the ASA gave up and left.  After being in a room for about 5 hours or more, I was asked by another A.S.A. name if I would like to talk to him because he heard that I and the first ASA could not get along.  When I said no, he said he would like to show me something, I said OK, he showed me about 2 minutes of my friend giving a video statement.  I told him he could turn that off, it’s got nothing to do with me.

The second ASA then asked me if I wanted to tell my side.  I said to him, get me an attorney and we can talk, till then I have nothing to say. He pulled out a sheet of paper and wrote that I asked for an attorney and did not want to give a statement.  He signed it, asked me to read it to see if that was all of it and if I wanted to sign it.  I did, that was all he said to me, he went down stairs and charged me with the murder come time for trial the first ASA took the stand and said I gave her an oral statement.  She had no proof of the oral statement, no notes, nothing.  When asked about the notes, she said she didn’t write it, her supervisor wrote it.  I still don’t know who the Supervisor is. The first ASA said she listened to what I told her.  She took no notes, but said she went to another room, told the Supervisor what I so called said and he wrote down what she told him, what I allegedly told her (LIE).
Now, she changed my so-called friend after his video statement.  If I gave her a statement, she or the Supervisory would have charged me with murder-not the second ASA.

The second ASA was the last A.S.A. to talk to me after I asked for the attorney.  He charged me but he was never called as a witness, nor did the sheet of paper he and I signed show up in court.  I’ve had a private investigator try to get an affidavit from the second ASA but after his wife told the investigator that his signature is on the police report he has been ducking the investigator.  If I can find a way to get him deposed, his testimony will impeach the first ASA's testimony. I have a copy of the second ASA's testimony from the stand, about 20 pgs can be sent by email.  Also the only witness against me said I wasn't in the house, nor picked me out in court.  My conviction is based on a lie!!
Thank you

Women, Friends,
Legal Help
African American, Hispanic
Serving A Life Sentence
Pending Re-Sentencing
Ad Start: 09-23-2021
Ad Expiration: 09-23-2022