Steven Wilkinson
I am 60 years young, but older in wisdom and younger in spirit and heart. I'm looking for females who are interested in either friendship or companionship.

I have a good sense of humor and love to laugh. I'm a real down to earth person, who can write and talk on most subjects, enjoys yoga, thriller books, most all kind of music, making new friends & pen pals. Looking to correspond or talk with anyone who's open-minded, non-judgmental, caring, respectful and funny, who won't knock me for who I was at 20, but can appreciate the man I've become at 60.

It's obvious I've made mistakes, otherwise I wouldn't be in prison, right? No doubt everybody has, so all I ask is for you to get to know the person I am today, not of yesterday.

Race, looks, age not an issue....what's inside your heart is what counts to me. I'm a really nice guy, just caught up in a bad predicament.
My life has been one of struggle and strife. At this point, I am looking forward to starting and building a new life for myself. Part of doing that involves meeting new people and making new friends. I know you can contribute something to my life and I believe I can contribute much to yours as well.

I would love to share stories, experiences, likes & dislikes, hopes, dreams or anything you'd be willing to share. I'm pretty much an open book & will answer any questions you have. I'll never disrespect you or ask for anything, except maybe a picture to put a face in the words of your letters.
Steven Wilkinson # MR8809
P O Box 9999
LaBelle, PA 15450 USA
Women, Friends
Parole Violation
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