Quashon Blake

To: The Significant Other.

Hello gorgeous I want to introduce myself by starting my attributes & other aspects that makes me the ideal one.

My name is Quashon Q. Blake, height 5'10", weight 135 lbs., Slender & athletic built, very energetic & outgoing, very attractive & handsome, very educated & intelligent, well mannered, honest, faithful, & real, no children & I'm hoping to find someone compatible that is attractive, independent & secure, smart & intelligent, great personality, romantic, family oriented, & honest. I'm ready to be a provider & progress in life & conceit a secure with that ideal person & have adorable kids. I want to be that person to console & comfort my girl in every way possible & fulfill her desires & achieve& accomplish things beyond expectations & I'm not particular about nationality as long as that person has a splendid your, honest, stable, & strive for the best in every aspect of life, & is appealing than she has my attention & devotion & commitment because I'm ready to settle & develop that type of bond with compassion, understanding & respect for one another that is so compelling that it's inseparable & can't be compared to. I'm willing to relocate & reside anywhere I want have any worries or attachments after I max out on 9/1/19 which means complete freedom from this endowing environment which has been nothing but a learning experience that I won't take for granted or forget, & once I max the 3 years I've served I realized I have impacted my life in a positive way & changed my whole perspective on life & made me realize that all the things I've accomplished from the vehicle I own which my sister is holding until I arrive home, to me graduating from college means nothing if it's not being applied & I refuse to allow that to occur with that said I've got to much potential to go down a path of no worth with that said let's excel & prosper together & be the impitimy of what people wish their relationship consisted of.

I'm also curious to know details about you feel free to ask any questions you want in regards to me & I apologize if I didn't ask any array of questions in reference to you & your interests or hobbies & what not but I figured if I started that than the paragraph would never in.

Also you can look me up on Facebook name Quashon Q. Blake, from Paterson, NJ, but live in Sunbury, PA 178012 verify everything from my college degrees which are in my photos to my vehicle just to confirm that I'm being truthful & honest about who I am.

I'm sorry that this is short & I can't  wait to be introduced to the love of my life & please attach photos.

Sincerely yours
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Quashon Blake
Quashon Blake # MK4057
Smart Communications/PADOC
P O Box 33028
St Petersburg, FL 33733 USA
African American, Part Jamaican & Trinadad
Probation Violation for Receiving M(TE)
Max Out 09/01/19
Ad Start: 07/19/18
Ad Expiration:07/19/19