Casey Roman
Hi!  I'm Casey and from Pittsburgh, PA.

I'm half Italian and German.  Slightly athletic
and look a lot meaner than I am.  I love animals, the beach, pretty smiles and writing.  I graduated high school and started college to study Business Management but had to drop out to help run my family stainless steel business after my Pap suddenly passed away.  I lost my Mom and Dad before I was a teenager and then as a teen, I ran with the wrong crowd and began to use drugs.  It all went downhill fast once I developed a drug habit and started having run ins with the law.  It didn't take long to stack up multiple arrests and convictions for DUI's, drug possession, burglary, gun charges and other weapon offenses along with a more recent escape charge.  I've been in prison on and off for 4+ years since early 2015 overcoming all kinds of adversities along the way.  Even with limited resources, I do my best to better myself every day both physically and mentally by working out, educating myself, reading, writing and now reaching out beyond the wall though this ad.  

Every day I feel truly blessed and grateful to have never hurt anyone and to be alive, healthy and in good spirits when so many of my peers weren't so lucky.  Its been a long, hard road but I guess everything happens for a reason and it's made be a better, stronger person to have survived it all.  I enjoy meeting new people, learning new t things, traveling to new places and experiencing new things.

I'm a very openminded person, and the complete opposite of judgmental.  I'm easy to talk to and open up to.  By placing this ad, I hope to develop relationships with new friends and who knows, maybe even a nice girl?  I'm an adventurous, passionate and sensitive person who has stayed true to myself.  I remain humble and never forget where I come from.  I don't believe in letting my crimes define me as a person. 

My past will not deter me from mastering my future!  I'm outgoing and laid back, serious but good hearted and sometimes goofy, tough but soft, rough around the edges and have a wild side but am also gentle, honest and sincere.   I also have a wicked sense of humor! 

I'd love to get to know you whoever you are and where ever you're from.  If you're interested, write me at the following address:  Smart Communications/PADOC SCI-GREENE, Casey Roman, #MB7806, PO Box 33028, St. Petersburg, FL  33733.  Even though this is a Florida address that handles all our mail, I'm doing time in Pennsylvania.  You can also email me if  you'd like to, which is easier and faster.  Set up an account at <>  Looking forward to getting to know you!
Casey Roman # MB7806
Smart Communications/PADOC

P O Box 33028
St Petersburg, Fl 33028 USA

Drug Offenses
Ad Start:  03-14-19
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