Alvin Lashley
Alvin Lashley # M54360
Hill Correctional Center
P O Box 1700
Galesburg   IL   61402   USA
I'm Alvin and I'm from Chicago, IL. and I'm hoping to meet someone to help better myself and just get to know someone I can connect & try to build a bond with.

Really I'm looking for change and possibly positive vibes. Yes, I made a few bad decisions in my life, but nobody's perfect. That's why I'm hoping to find someone that accepts me for me and is willing to listen & help out without judgment. Accepting me for my flaws. I'm also looking for someone that's shy, funny, loyal, honest, incredible with a beautiful personality. I can come off as shy because opening up makes me worried and new faces makes me nervous but I am really a people person. I just like to observe more than anything. I'm very confident. I love to try new things. I like dogs & I like to write music and poems to express my pain & feelings. I also like to swim. I'm funny, loyal, very intelligent and laid-back. I'm currently taking college courses for Career Tech.

I'm also into modeling, designing clothes & fashion, so I'm open to communicating with people in the fashion industry. I'm also open to communicating with people who are deaf, because I'm fluent in sign language. I love to work out & read to pass time so I'm open to communicating or meeting people who are into fitness or sports because I love to play basketball & Ultimate-Frisbee.

I'm also willing to communicate with people in the US Armed Forces because I always wanted to be in the Navy as a kid, but things changed. Now I'm just looking for someone different and open and willing to communicate with different cultures because in my eyes it's not about how the person looks or what they did in the past. I feel as if everyone deserves a second chance but I hope to hear from that special someone soon.

If you want to contact me all you have to do is go to your app store on your phone and download Connectnetwork app and put my information in or you can write me.

Good Vibes Onlyy.

Ad Start: 05-18-2023
Ad Expiration:  05-18-2024
African American
Aggravated Robbery
Release Date