Anthony Dominguez-Cano
Greetings, may you find yourself in the best of health and spirit...

Thank you for taking some time out of your day to surprise a lucky individual with one of your letters or emails.

Well about me, I've been incarcerated all of my adult life, so I've learned to appreciate the little things in life, with that said… I didn't sign up to this website to play games with my penpals emotions, and trust or try to sell a dream. I generally just want to kick it!… and hear about your life adventures and struggles. As for me most days are the same, like I said I've grown up in here so I do a lot of reading, most of the books I read are knowledge, self-help, and business startup books and when it's just to pass time I enjoy reading James Patterson novels. I also spend a lot of my time painting oil/acrylic my style of painting is gory realism. I get a lot of my inspiration from one of my favorite artist Graham Humphreys… I'm also a wicked tattoo artist and I love gettin tatted as well.

I'm the prime example of the person they say don't judge a book by its cover, I may look a lil wild and crazy with all the tattoos however I'm actually laid-back with a good sense of humor, but I'm a Taurus too, so I'm strong-minded and can be a little stubborn and hardheaded, however I have a strong loving heart too.

I would like to correspond with anyone who's curiosity I've sparked. Any questions you have feel free to ask. And tell me about yourself.

Email is

Anthony Dominguez-Cano # M-53840
Dixon Correctional Center
2600 N Brinton Avenue   
Dixon, IL 61021 USA
Aggravated Discharge of Firearm
Release Date
Ad Start: 09-24-20
Ad Expiration:09-24-22