DeAmontae Jackson
DeAmontae Jackson # M52652
Sheridan Correctional Center
4017 E 2603 Road
Sheridan   IL   60551   USA
As my time of incarceration comes to an end, and changing every aspect of my life, and realizing that it’s about transitioning from who we are into someone greater, has motivated me to mold myself into an overall wiser individual on so many levels to reunite with society.

Instead of surrounding myself with “negativity” yet again, it’s certainly necessary for me to change who I associate with. I’m looking for someone that’s willing to build a meaningful, positive, genuine friendship; whether it be gaining knowledge from one another, pushing each other towards greatness, or just having endless conversations about whatever may occur; etc.

Some of the qualities I require in a friendship are - honesty, loyalty, trust, communication and respect.  What do you require in a friendship? Are they mutual? If so, contact me; but please don't let my ignorant actions determine who you think I am; but understand that these are just mistakes of my past that I’ve learned from every millisecond of being incarcerated.

Whomever you are; I’m most definitely looking forward to a new beginning and potentially developing something great.

Ad Start: 02-10-22
Ad Expiration:  04-10-23
African American, Hispanic
Armed Robbery, Aggravated Battery Flam-Sub
Release Date