Deric Robinson
Deric Robinson  # M49588   
Western Illinois Correctional Center
2500 Rt 99 South  
Mt Sterling, IL 62353 USA
Hi, my name is Deric.

I'm 25 years old, I'm a Leo. I'm outgoing, confident, loyal, cool and laid-back yet playful and silly at times. I like sports "basketball, football and baseball". I also like to look at TV on my spare time. My shows are "HGTV, ESPN, and food network channel". I work out a lot to keep my mind from my situation.

But the qualities that I'm looking for in a woman is intelligent, confident, honest, and independent at the same time. I'm looking for more than someone to say they love me. I want to believe it to my core that the woman I choose to live my life with is just as much invested and sincere about love, loyalty and life as me. That's the main attraction to a woman.

The passion is so calm yet so strong that it magnet. Loyalty is my main and only point of reference when I want individuals in my life. The more loyal they are the higher the status becomes on your personal hierarday. And if I know the woman I be with is loyal to me I will go all out for her.

More important I'm at a point in my life that don't want to to be guarded all the time of my heart being hurt. I'm looking for a woman I can be myself "around"and not be judged. And be taking care of mentally and emotionally so I can do the same to her!

African American
Aggravated Battery With Discharge of Firearm
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