Sherman Bragg
Sherman Bragg # M47506   
Danville Correctional Center 
3820 E Main Street    
Danville, IL 61834  USA
My name is Sherman Kaliel Bragg.

I was born in  Urbana, Illinois. I've been incarcerated for a little while now, I am in college, Bible college and I work as a tutor to help those who want to reach a college level. Between working on my physical self and furthering my education I am willing to put myself out there to hopefully be found by someone who can correspond and become good friends or more with a man like me.

I've always been the type of person who can see the good in the bad and will be optimistic with the cards that life deals out.

I am open-minded, understanding, nonjudgmental and confident. I love to make people laugh, so a smile is something you won't go without. It's easier for me to be happy when I have someone to share that happiness with, could that be you? Could you be the reason why I look forward to making a phone call or writing a letter, because there is a person on the other end waiting for me to put a smile on their face and brighten their day.

Communication is a two-way street and hopefully you are the one willing to meet me halfway. The photos that you see are very recent ones that I have taken here, if you do write me thank you for blessing me with your time, if not as long as I make you smile while reading this I've done my job.

Till then, peace.

African American
Armed Robbery
Release Date
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