Robert Walker
Hey ladies my name is Lorenzo a.k.a. Leo.

I I'm here searching for a friend to write. I'm hoping we can get to know each other and maybe get a little closer and build a friendship piece by piece one brick at a time until our bond is strong full of honesty, trust, respect, loyalty and love. I tell the truth no matter if it hurts. I hate lying. I don't do it and with that being said I you to be understanding and forgiving of the situation I'm locked up for. I didn't do it, that's not the person I am and in time I will explain it to you through our letters. If you choose to write me.

I've heard sometimes good people make one mistake that they spend a lifetime making up for. I never thought it would be me but here I am in this position. There are no excuses I can give the blame is on me. I allowed myself to be put in this situation, all I can do is move on life, don't stop though sometimes I wish I had a weak moment and it cost me 15 years of my life. What am I to do, I can only strengthen myself to assure something like that never happens again.

I'm a good man. I hope you can look past my charge and look deeper inside my words and see who I really am. Don't let that decide for you and miss out on connecting with a great person like myself.

Just to give you a little insight on who I am here are a few qualities. I'm a good listener, I'm kind, generous, soft-spoken but know when to be firm, enjoying music, cuddling, watching movies, dancing, also I cook. I'm a romancer, respectful, my downs are I sometimes put other needs before my own. I have a big heart, sometimes it hurts me but I bounce back. I'm a hustler, I can get it back. I'm also a father, my mother has my 11-year-old son with her helping me raising him from in here, teaching him the do's and don't. I love to laugh and have fun. I'm laid-back and cool. I don't like to judge people I just do for me. I have a thing for having nothing and turning it into something. Everyone has good in them, I believe I can bring it out. I'm always positive. I find the good in everything, it's about the smaller I pay attention to just put a smile on your face, there is plenty more to me that I have to offer, just no one to share it with. I'm an open book with empty pages looking for a friend to help me write out the chapters of my life. I hope it could be you, that's a little about me. Hit me up, let's talk about you. Did I say I'm handsome too.

P.S. Send pictures. Never judge a book by its cover, open it up and read it first.

Yours truly,
Robert Walker  # M45043
Dixon Correctional Center
2600  N Brinton Avenue
Dixon, IL 61021 USA

African American
Predatory Sexual Assault
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