Yooo! What's up, how are you doing?

Now that I got your attention, let me tell you about me. I'm a good dude in a bad situation. I'm laid-back. I'm lokey with mine. I don't be doing too much. I'm a real honest dude.

I don't be lying just cuz I can. I would defly prefer to talk to someone who coming the same way.

I would like to think of myself as attractive, hopefully you do too, if it's something you care about. You can always see more pictures of me on my Facebook page. (Christopher B Harris) I'm from the south side of Chicago & I'm into sports & music. I Rap &  play basketball.

I love women with a passion yall are easily one of God's greatest creations. I would argue the greatest lol.

I just want somebody I can be real with &  somebody that's gonna be real with me. I'm blunt with my speech. I'm just in the practice of speaking my mind. I have no doubt that if we start communicating you're gonna Love the man that I am.


Christopher Harris # M43917
Sstateville Correctional Center
P O Box 112
Joliet   IL   60434   USA
Christopher Harris
Women, Donations,
Legal Help
African American
1st Degree Murder
Release Date
Ad Start:  03-31-22
Ad Expiration:  03-31-23
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