Rayshawn Johnson
Hello, my name is Ray. 

I am 30 years old  (Taurus), 5' 6", athletic build. My mom says I"m handsome, but of course she's biased.

I am seeking friendship with the potential for growth opportunities as we become more familiar. I really enjoy people and all the different dynamics within relationships. Getting to know people with the possibility of being known. I believe relationships are one of the purest, and most essential aspects of this experience. Also often one of the most overlooked and underappreciated. If I've learned anything from being incarcerated it is to not take people nor relationships for granted. People need people. Understanding and taking that to heart I've decided to get out of my comfort zone and see what this avenue has to offer in the form of new and interesting relationships.

I can ensure any potential "pals" that I will always be sincere and honest. Openness and transparency will progress as the situation evolves as is normal with any relationship. Lying is my only dealbreaker. Can't stand a liar.

I could use the rest of this intro to talk myself up, but I'll refrain from doing so. Anybody can say anything. I rarely believe what a person's sentiments are about themselves without seeing actions to affirm their words. I believe words should provide confirmation as opposed to information. Naturally people's opinion of themselves will be skewed. So I'm not going to ask you to do something I wouldn't. I hope I don't come across as morbid or pessimistic. That's 100% not the case.

Love. That's all I am All I have. It's necessary to establish this foundation though. In hopes of weeding out anybody who isn't compatible, ready, or willing to receive what I have to offer. As much as I enjoy people and relationships I don't want to waste my time or yours. What you see is who I am. If you find yourself resonating with the words and feeling the pic get at me. This could be the start of something . . .

The institution I'm in has an email messaging service where you can get at me directly, if you choose.  First, you have to use a web browser (Yahoo or Google).  Then, connectnetwork.com Chose IDOC (Illinoise Department of Corrections), Not Menard!  Then My info:  Rayshawn L Johnson M43137

Rayshawn Johnson  # M-43137 
Menard correctional Center
P O Box 1000 
Menard, IL 62259 USA
African American
1st Degree Murder
Ad Start:  11-26-20
Ad Expiration: