Tre'shaun Jake
Hello world, I'm Trey how are you?

Just signed up on here because I am ready to meet new people. I'm 26 born and raised in Champaign, IL. I love women, sports, music. I love to talk but I'm also a great listener. I love to learn, I hate being lied to, don't you hate when people lie? That's one thing we got in common. I'm all about being positive.

I plan on getting my case overturned getting out of prison and starting a new life outside of Illinois. Being in prison is an experience that I will never forget, it's like a roller coaster full of ups and downs.

I told you a little bit about me, now I want to know a little bit about you, like your likes and dislikes, short-term and long-term goals, etc.

If you're on this website looking for a new friend why not start with me? It all starts with a letter.

#Stay positive #Be safe.

Tre'shaun Jake # M-41768
Menard Correctional Institution
P O Box 1000  
Menard, IL 62259 USA
Women, Legal Help
African American
1st° Murder
Release Date
Ad Start: 01-09-20
Ad Expiration:01-09-21