Antoine Morris
Antoine Morris # M35749   
Western Illinois Correctional Center 
2500 Rt 99 South  
Mt Sterling, IL 62353 USA
I'm in hope that this missive has arrived to find you in all that pertains to you in a peaceful and prosperous state of being.

As the ad declared, my name is Antoine. My reason for joining this site, is to find a friend, and should the friendship blossomed into something more blessed the relationship will be. My hopes is that just may be I say something that will intrigue you enough to engage in this unusual communication process.

Should you grant said process, the degree of difficulty is 10 x times, due to the fact that I'm moving blindly expecting nothing, yet hoping for the slimmest of chance to be judged by the content of my character now, as opposed to conduct in the past. Understanding that nothing ventured, leaves nothing gained.

Allow me to relieve your suspicion, I'm 24, 185 lbs., 5'9". I enjoy working out, reading, and learning about people. I'm intrigued by the many different facets of life, culture, and its imprint on the world.

Although, my present situation could suggest that I divulge as much about myself as thought to be needed to gain some measure of acceptance from you. I disagree with that notion, even in my present state of being myself value has not depreciated so, that I should just unveil all the value of myself. Some treasures are to be searched for.

With that being said, God Bless
African American
Release Date
04/08/24 Can Change with Good time
Ad Start: 05-24-18
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