Tray Hargrow # M33433
2848 W McDonough Street
Joliet   IL   60436   USA
Tray Hargrow
I’m a thug thats lookin for a friend. I been in the streets my whole life. I’m from Peoria, IL. I am single with no kids.  I like the NBA and NFL. I been a fan of them 2 sports since I was very young. I also like rap music. I enjoy workin out, playin spades, playin chess, watchin movies, spendin time with my family, playin video games and last but not least I really love readin books. Everything I ever had in this world I got from sellin drugs and robbin.

I come from the hood, its alot like the jungle. I been a savage since I was a kid. I than done alot with these hands and seen even more with these eyes.

I was born into a big family and most of us is either in the Midwest or the South. The most important thing to me right now is that I beat my murder case and make it home to my people. My family and my city miss me. My murder charge is lookin real good though I should be home soon. I just need the courts to rule in my favor and not the police. I got God on my side plus alot of people prayin for me. So I know I’m gone win.

Anyway though I'm lookin for somebody I can talk to about anything. I don't care where they are from or what race they are. All I ask is that we be honest with each other and lets build a real friendship.  My goal is to leave prison a way better man than I came in. I'm ready to go straight to the top when I walk out these gates. Where I never have to go back to jail or prison. I want to make this my last trip EVER comin here.

Well look I’ma close this Ad right here.

God Bless anyone who reads this. I ask that anybody that contacts me to please send they phone number to. Everybody stay safe out there in them streets and have a great day. I look forward to hearin from someone soon Just know if you write me you are letting a real gangster in yo life. I’m a changed man but that will always be in my heart.

One last thing befor I go its not about the chapters of my life that I than wrote. Its all about the chapters of my life that I'm finna write. I'm not even half done yet its not how the race start its how it ends and I plan to be in first place. So get at me if you lookin for something real in yo world.

PS. My name on facebook is Tray Lord

African American
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