Jonathan Maynor
In today's society a true friendship is almost obsolete.

I truly believe that to any strong foundation of any relationship, friendship is the key. It is the building block of a true and meaningful relationship without it, no relationship can flourish.

I am seeking one willing to build a long-lasting friendship. Because I believe that a good friend is more important than silver and gold. If you're willing to build on friendship, then I'm your guy.

My past is my past, in my future is bright. With good time I'll be free in 2021. Where we can continue to build on our newfound friendship.

If you're interested write and I'll write back. I'll send pictures and set up email correspondence as well. Feel free to ask whatever, I'm open for discussion. The ball is in your court.

Jonathan Maynor # M32993
Jefferson Correctional Institution
1050 Big Joe Road 
Monticello, FL 32344 USA
Release Date
Ad Start: 05-09-19
Ad Expiration:05-09-20