Ariel Noa
Ariel Noa # M28996   
Illinois River Correctional Center
P O Box 999    
Canton, IL 61520 USA
"Anguish & Despair"

Time and pleasure has inspired me to sit down and use some of this time to write a beautiful, smart, very intellectual, and open-minded woman whom I can converse with and also share quality time with on a more intuitive level.

Allow me to please introduce myself. My name is Ariel Noa, I'm a Cuban Hispanic male. I'm 30 years old. I'm a Libra, I weigh 195 lbs., my height is 5'10". I'm from Chicago, IL and I have hazel brown eyes, and I have numerous tattoos.

Despite my current incarceration I tend to pass my time doing things such as read books, write family enlighten their minds-with history of our culture, I also spent time working out. I like to keep my physical well-being!

I'm currently enrolled in GED classes to occupy my time to better myself and pick up a few traits to prepare myself for a new and better future!

I definitely would love to have a true and down to earth companionship, a woman who I can confide in as well as for yourself to confide in me. I know for a woman at times you can get very lonely as it is for me within these walls. We both can be full of loneliness & despair. And when you feel there's no one to whom you can vent with or have a shoulder to lean on I can reassure you that there won't be a dull moment or any lonely or sad day won't become full of joy. I will do my very best to put a smile on your face day in day out.

Well I don't want to take much of your time. I thank you very much and taking 10 min. into reading my letter. I hope that you seek in me as I will seek in you for true 100% companionship.

Ariel Noa
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