Derrick Allen

Good relationship keep us happier and healthier. 

Allow me to clarify any confusion or misunderstanding that may occur. I am going by an alias. My real name is David Jasmin. I was born in Haiti and raised in Long Island, New York. I am 41 years old. My real birthday is August 13,1977. I am a Leo. For any further information on me you can check out my page at Facebook under my real name.

I am eagerly looking for someone to share my thoughts, feelings, and opinions with without fear or inhibition. Someone I can be open with and trust. I want to make a friend, but in my situation it is not that simple. You have more to offer and must do more than I can to build our relationship. But what I am not looking for is an occasional penpal or something casual and tepid, such as a letter once in a while. You know my situation and I hope it does not remain this way. I deserve to be free and meet you on the same footing and reciprocity. Nevertheless, life is still beautiful, and how much better it would be to gain a friendship that is for ever evolving in love, loyalty, honesty, devotion, and trust. I'm searching for something real we both can be proud of and gain meaning from.

About me, I am not into religion or faith. I don't believe anyone needs a sacred book or dogma to be good. I'm guided by my conscience, try to remain objective-accepting things for how they are-and have understanding especially for others.

My two favorite songs are George Michael "One More Try" and Lisa Stansfield's "You Can't Deny It". I listen to hip-hop, rock, pop, R&B, Reggae and Haitian Konpa. I love watching movies, especially comic movies, movies based on comic books. "Into The Badlands" one of my favorite TVs series. I don't enjoy reading novels. I feel like reading is a task and should be used didactically. I would rather watch the movie… I can't speak about free world's stuff I'd like to do, I've been down too long, but the most enjoyable memories I have involved the relationship with a woman, especially someone you love and have affection for.

No one is neutral or nondiscriminating as to be impersonal. We all have a personality which includes sentiments, notions, prejudices and preferences. We've been conditioned and predisposed by our walk of life, experience, social environment, race, culture, heritage, religion, etc.… To feel, think, believe, and see ourselves and the world the way we do. I am open-minded enough to be willing to put prejudices and preferences aside and personalize my love and interest for someone who I feel I could really love and truly be friends with as long as he or she does the same no matter our differences. If you think about it, most discrepancies between people are abstract-ideas (conception/perception)-that is not as real or tangible as love. Love exists as a force with in us that needs to be expressed and impressed (felt) I want to enjoy love. The soul yearns for another and no one wants to be alone and die without truly experiencing love-being loved and loving someone…

Criminal Justice Reform

There are several social justice organizations pushing for criminal justice reform, particularly groups and individual activism in Florida. Floridians for redeemable people. And H.M. of the Esther movement, to name a couple, are doing whatever is in their power to fight for prison reform. I would like to get involved in advocating for prison reform, especially to change Florida's draconian sentencing laws. I might need, with help of course, to create a medium in social media to bring awareness and gain support for this cause. A platform is needed to bring prisoners and civilians together to force the courts, executives (state) and legislators to revamp Florida's whole sentencing laws, and implement fair, proportionate and equitable sentencing laws. The sentencings laws that exist now shock the public conscience and are not within the standard of decency of today's evolved society. Civilized people do not want people dying in prison from old age for any crime where no one was killed or harmed. People are aware of and understand the continuum and ramifications of slavery and colonization of which these laws are rooted in. Today civilized society no longer tolerate and desire Florida's excessive punishment, corrupt," good ol' boy"system, and merciless retributive prison system that doesn't provide meaningful rehabilitation parole, and early release programs.

I would very much be pleased to receive letters of support and make new friends who will be willing and devoted in succor me in actualizing my vision to bring justice to Florida's penal system. I started posting, commentary, drawings, and poems on Facebook my group page under the name Militant Zoe. Send a friend request and check them out. Spoken word poetry is my catharsis. I hope you enjoy them. Life without possibility of parole, the penultimate sentence second to execution, should be reserved for the worst of the worst-irredeemable. Everyone deserves a second chance.

If you wrote me and your letter were returned to you, please do not be discouraged. I am not being given any notice of your mail had been rejected. I encourage you to rewrtie me but this time do not mention this profile or send me a  friend request with your info to anyone of my facebook pages or you can download the jpay app add me as your contact that way we can start to commuicating through texting.

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