Bobby Battle
Hello ladies,

I'm looking for someone I can build a relationship with. It doesn't matter your past because we all have one, it's the future I'm worried about. I prefer all shapes, sizes, race and looks, can't complain, love comes in many ways. Looking forward to knowing someone as real as I'm because someone who's real is very hard to find.

I been on a search and I'm losing my hope. As always I rather have quality than quantity if you all know what I mean. "See we as people waste time looking for the perfect lover instead of creating the perfect love". So that's why I now go by the three C's of life, which is choices, chances and changes, which means.

"We must make a choice to take a chance for our lives will never change". Which is why I have signed up for this. Maybe one day someone will walk into my life and make me see why it never worked out with anyone else. Anyways, I'm 27 years of age, I love to have fun. I love going out with the "woman"I'm with.

I love to eat, so hope you can cook and I hope you keep a lot of food :) LOL. I'm 5'9", 175 lbs. I want a "woman"that keeps it real with me because you don't have to lie to me about nothing. All you have to do is communicate with me because only no communication is bad communication.

P.S. Jail makes you look ruff so make a choice to take a chance with me.

Bobby Battle # M12177
P O Box 999 
Canton, IL 61520 USA
Black African American
Armed Robbery Carjacking and
Release Date
Ad Start: 08-16-18
Ad Expiration:08-16-20