Leonard Kyle
Leonard Kyle # M-11177   
2500 Rt 99 South    
Mt Sterling, IL 62353 USA
Hello and welcome.

My name is Leo, and after reading my profile, hopefully you take an interest in me.

I draw, paint, write, read and exercise. I'm working on going back to court and getting my freedom, as well as establishing myself as an artist and writer. Otherwise, I'm a person of many talents, skills and interests (and I don't have the  space to list them all). My goal is to become a billionaire.

People close to me/who know me tell me I'm loyal, honest, nice, kind, caring, intelligent, ambitious, strong-willed, open-minded, non judgemental,stoical beyond my years. And a survivor (and considering my past, struggles with mental health and considering my prison situation, I deserve the title.) I have a zest for life.

My weaknesses: I tend to intellectualize everything, so I can come off as cold, abrasive and lacking empathy; I also don't feel love anymore. ( I guess I'm broken). Well, that's me in short.. I hope I can find someone confident and secure enough to accept  me as is and be friends, and maybe help me find love again. Anyway, I look forward to hearing from you. Until then, later.

Women, Friends
African American Caucasian
Predatory Sexual Assault
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