Arredeus Green
Arredeus Green # M10224   
Galesburg Correctional Center
P O Box 1700  
Galesburg, IL 61401 USA
Yo, beautiful, untangled this veil if interested in building something. 

Make yourself inseparable, fluid as a river. Flow like size, age and complexion don't matter in bringing us together; like you're destined to be-a royal Queen before my words, ready for me.

Let me make a good woman smile, light dark areas with positive attention and productivity, look to this, someone utilizing that third eye with-always and all ways.

Many times am quiet, just koolin, listening more than talking, letting my mind venture through novels I've written. Like a caterpillar savaging for nourishment; I wait in a cocoon, on nature to take her place with me, for those wings to spread with you. I'm smiling, anxious for someone nonjudgmental and understanding. Give us benefit of doubt this ain't random-trusting the moments, in our lifetime. Provide us chance, a PO Box coexistent…

Look to gain a friend in me, someone surely to make you smile. Regardless my pictures far from my best, here I am-sincere and genuine, patiently waiting for the scroll of a lifetime. Please don't keep me a waiting; our time is the greatest resource in this world.
Women, Donations, Legal Help
African American
Vehicle Hijacking Aggravated
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