Pierre Jordan
Dear Prison Pen Pals.

Supreme peace and blessings to all the beautiful goddesses that viewed my profile page.

My name is Pierre. I am an African-American male, born and raised in the beautiful city of Chicago, Illinois. I am 37 1/2 years old and my zodiac sign is Capricorn. I am currently enrolled in college studying criminal law and psychology/sociology, and business management. I also hold the position of a P/T Peer educator. Educating male inmates on the importance of fatherhood, sex education, and an assistant tutor to both the academic and vocational teachers in the education department.

In my recreational time, I love to exercise for my mind, body and spirit, strength, stamia and relaxation. My body type is athletic muscular build, bench/shoulder pressing a max 255 lbs. For upper body strength and I am dead lifting and squatting 245 lbs. for my core and lower body strength. I also play basketball, softball, football and soccer.

I am a prolific and/proficient poet, artist and musician, also enjoy entertaining and socializing with people of all ethnic backgrounds. I weigh 165 lbs.

My other hobbies include playing chess, shooting pool, watching gymnastics, reading, writing, speaking (2) languages, listening to Rap, Hip Hop, R&B, old-school and acoustic music. Playing cards, monopoly and conducting talent shows. Showcasing my natural talents.

I am a gentleman who is passionate about helping people. I have the utmost respect, admiration, love for all women for their loyalty, patience, and forgiveness for our transgressions as men.

I am interested in a friendship. Possibly long-term relationship with a beautiful loyal woman between the ages of 23-55 years of age of any race, ethnicity. I am very romantic, passionate, adventurous, drama free, loyal and respectful and pray that special woman is open-minded, loyal, and non-judgmental.

My religion is Nation of Gods and Earth and I pray everybody practices social distancing and safety during the coronavirus pandemic.

Pierre Jordan # M-07905
Menard Correctional Center
P O Box 1000  
Menard, IL 62259-0711 USA
Women, Donations, Legal Help
African American
Nation of Gods and Earth
Aggravated Criminal Sexual Assault
Release Date
Ad Start: 06-04-20
Ad Expiration:06-04-21