Raymarr Alford
My name is Raymarr Alford and I currently reside in a place called S.C.I. Benner

I'm 25 and like most I've had my share of trails and tribulations and to my understanding this is only supposed to be an excerpt of information so short and sweet is the goal.

I am currently incarcerated with a total of 62 years (yes I know). I came to prison as a juvenile. being a teenager in this place you can understand the adjustment period wasn't easy.

I'm the type of person that looks at the good in all situations. like anybody I'm looking for somebody to get to know. Somebody that's willing to let a momentarily stranger occupy their time.

I like music (all types), working out, spending time one the phone and visits with my family and being aware of what's goin on in the world. Last but never least I'm just trying to spend my time with somebody that's willing to spend some time with me.

Another way to reach me is through email at " connect network.com" S.C.I. Benner" state number and name. easy set up.
Raymarr Alford # LU6227
Smart Communications/PADOC
P O Box 33028  
St Petersburg, FL 33733 USA
Women, Legal Help
Black African American
Release Date
Ad Start: 11-14-19
Ad Expiration:11-14-20