Larry Yaw
I grew up outside Philadelphia, Pennsylvania but I have lived in several states and love to travel. 

Adventure, new experiences and meeting new people has been one of my best past times. I'm most comfortable hiking or climbing a mountain or going camping somewhere in the great outdoors. I have worked with animals doing training and containment professionally most of my life. I also like art and currently have several paintings in galleries in New York City. My goal is to enter more galleries eventually.

I would like to think I am outgoing and witty even a little flirty at times. I ride motorcycles everywhere and love the freedom of an open road in front of me. I also enjoy music and going to festivals and concerts. I also play guitar, acoustic mostly.

I am currently serving a life sentence, although this seems incredibly awful, I still have a positive outlook for the future and plan on fighting to give back time. I am not super religious nor do I have unrealistic expectations. I remain strong and positive in the face of adversity I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason, although sometimes we have to put in work to find out exactly what that reason is.

I am single and have never been married, although I am not opposed to the idea, if the right circumstances existed. I have a great family and they have been a solid support for me during this whole ordeal and for that, I am eternally grateful.

I am hoping to find someone positive and full of life. A breath of fresh air, someone I can connect with. If you think you might be that person and your open to fun new experiences, feel free to send a letter and pictures.

Larry Yaw # LK-3556
Smart Communication/PADOC
SCI-Benner Township
P O Box 33028  
St. Petersburg, FL 33733 USA
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1st° Murder
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Serving a Life Sentence
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