Robert Kennedy
To smell her scent while holding her tight
The urge to make love I just have to fight
I love her smile, I fell like a man
Treating her like my woman, Oh she's a big fan
To stare into her eyes, the world goes away
It's bed time for us.  Please beg me to stay.
She tells me her problems, and I want to fix them
But to be a real man I sit there and listen
To make love to her is easy, Oh yeah its my pleasure
I love her sweat crys, Oh please last forever
I'll draw her a hot bath, massage her body and feet
Now I eat like a big dog, till she begs me so sweet
Then I'll reck it and smash untill we're tired and beat
We'll fall to the bed, and sleep on the sheets.

I'm a man looking for friends to talk to, pray with, or maybe one person to fall in love with.  I'm a good listener and I can cry with you or laugh with you.  I don't care if you're a man friend or a woman friend.  But all remantic people must have been born female.  :)  I hope you enjoyed my poem, it was from my heart.

I feel there is only one way to be a real man, that is to make my woman know and feel like a woman at all times.  Not by being mean and bossy, but by being loving and tender, and making my girl feel loved and attended, and listen too.

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