Robert Kennedy
Hi out there I'm Robert Kennedy. 

I don't know who out there is going to read this, let alone respond. If you do respond at least I should tell you a little about me, and be honest.

I had a rough childhood which led to my horrible attitude as a teenager My father killed himself in front of me. I then had to move back to a house where I was tolerated not loved. My mom and step dad said they loved me but really I was a 5th wheel. My brothers had everything. At 18 I left in a truck my dad sold me for $2500.00 and nothing but clothes. I robbed a bank because I thought it  was more honeable then stealing from people, it wasn't

I always  thought I was a bad kid becasue I was told I was a bad kid. My mom use to say I love ya, but I don't like ya, or I love ya but I can't stand you, most of the time. The only time my step dad would spend time with me was when I was in trouble or on my birthday. I hated birthdays and Christmas becasue I knew that what ever I got they'd take as soon as I got in trouble at school. I had a bed and clothes and like my mom would say that is all I legally have to give you.

Anyway, I could go on forever. I've been in prison for 23 years. I found Jesus. I messed up a lot but attended kiros for 4 full days and it changed me for life. I love me. From Jesus I learned to love myself and others, now my one goal in life is to have a best friend, and kids to love & love & and love like I wanted to be loved growing up.

I go to the board July 2, 2020, might get 2 to 3 year denial but should get out  in 1 1/2 years.
Robert Kennedy # K-97558
LAC Lancaster C-5-144
P O Box 4610   
Lancaster, CA 93539-4610 USA
Women, Legal Help
Bank Robbery
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